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I’m a bad, bad, bad, bad blogger…

December 6, 2010
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See, this is why I put off starting a blog for so long, started one, abandoned it, then finally tried again…. I didn’t know how good I’d be at keeping it up. Clearly, I’m not very good at it. When things got busy, while it would make sense that would be the perfect time to keep updating the blog, it’s the thing that got the most ignored. Between website updates, Facebook updates, Twitter updates, newsletters, email and real-life interactions, I updated everyone everywhere except for here.

To make sure that at least the latest news and tidbits from the very busy last 6 weeks or so get recorded on our little blog, I’m going to basically cut and paste all of the entries from our latest email newsletter here:

The Detroit Area Diaper Bank
~ making a difference with diapers ~November 2010
Our THANKFUL edition!



HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  We hope you had a wonderful holiday. Inspired by the theme of the day, we’re sharing our updates for the last month or so through expresssions of gratitude:We’re THANKFUL that we not only met but EXCEEDED our big fall Diaper Drive goal! We challenged the community to help us collect 100,000 by Thanksgiving, and you more than stepped up!

We’re THANKFUL to all the individuals and organizations that have run diaper drives to help us reach our goal and/or participated in fundraisers. THANK YOU for your engagement and support! We can’t do this without your help!

We’re THANKFUL to the Canton Public Library for hosting a phenomenally successful anchor event to our fall diaper drive, “Stuff the Truck!” on November 17 & 18. THANK YOU to Library Director Eva Davis, Marketing Director Laurie Golden, Kristen Kostielney and EVERYONE at CPL. THANK YOU to Dave and Steve Hulett, owners of Fat Chef in a Little Coat Catering, who loaned us their truck for two days. THANK YOU to the volunteers who came out and helped in the cold: Vincent Darolfi, Lisa Kluka, Laura Garvey, Becca Garvey, Katy Bozich and Alexa Rumohr. And most importantly, THANK YOU to all of the donors who helped us collect an amazing 26,312 diapers in just TWO days!

More pictures from the event can be viewed here.
 Fox 2 News ran a story on the drive.
The Canton Observer wrote a nice article on the drive, too.


We’re THANKFUL for our new diaper storage SPACE! Thanks to a generous donation from Anna and Dan Oginsky, we were well-equipped to handle the big influx of diapers from all of the drive efforts this past month. We love having the space to work with and our partners are finding it convenient to pick up from as well.

We’re THANKFUL for the feature in November’s Metro Parent magazine – its wide distribution and readership has been fantastic exposure for us. THANK YOU Joni Hubred-Golden for the connection and Kim Kovelle for the fantastic article!

We’re THANKFUL for the Partner In Progress award we received from the Wayne Metro Community Action Agency on October 14th.

We’re THANKFUL to be one of the 50 charities selected by Art Van Furniture (out of 600 statewide) to receive a grant from their Million Dollar Charity Challenge. It was a huge honor to be selected and the $5,000 grant enabled us to buy ~33,000 diapers!  (press release here)

We’re THANKFUL to everyone supporting the Diaper Bank through their everyday shopping at Kroger and through GoodShop. It adds up and really makes a difference for us!

We’re THANKFUL for your encouragement, engagement, support and help in building our community diaper bank and making a difference with diapers in Metro Detroit!  THANK YOU!


1/2 Way to our Fall Diaper Drive’s Big Goal – and still steaming ahead!

October 4, 2010
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October 1st marked 8 weeks since we launched our “100,000 by Thanksgiving!” Diaper Drive and we’re already well-past the halfway mark of diapers/funds collected — it’s fantastic! We’re so grateful to everyone who’s embraced our drive and engaged themselves with our cause, we would be NOWHERE without our donors and supporters!

If you didn’t receive our latest newsletter (it went out 10/1), you can read it here:

If you’d like to subscribe to the newsletter, please click here:

We keep getting great news and gestures of support — it’s going to be amazing when all of the results of these drives and everything else we have going on really start to “hit” over the next month or two!  Please keep checking in on our big Fall Drive page and we’ll continue to post updates periodically!

Introducing our 2010 Fall Diaper Drive

September 1, 2010
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Back on July 30th, this is how I announced this year’s fall diaper drive on our Facebook page:

Gearing up – 2 days until the Detroit Area Diaper Bank’s Fall Diaper Drive launches!

August 1st launches our 2nd Annual Fall Diaper Drive. As I considered what goal to set for this year, I reflected on last year — our first drive, we were just a few months old and set what was an ambitious goal for us at the time, 30,000 diapers (or funds to buy them) by Thanksgiving 2009. With great support from our community and donors, we ended up collecting over 54,000 diapers!

An expected move would be to double last year’s goal and shoot for 60,000 this year, right? But we’re all about the UNexpected here at the Detroit Area Diaper Bank so we’re not just aiming to double last year’s goal, we’re hoping to double our TAKE.

So our 2010 Fall Diaper Drive’s goal is 100,000 diapers by Thanksgiving!

Think we can do it? Yeah, me too. So get ready!

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