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Every little tweet helps…diaper facts and impacts

November 23, 2010
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FROM OCTOBER 29, 2010:  I got on a bit of a roll on Twitter this morning, tweeting about the Facts and Impacts of diaper need. I’m copying the stream of tweets here to compile them in one place and share. (we also have a page dedicated to this on our website: Please keep in mind that Twitter limits posts to 140 characters, so that’s why some words may be spelled strangely (vowels dropped, etc).

A HEALTHY change of diapers for an infant is up to 12 diapers per day, a toddler up to 8 per day. #diaperfact

Many low-inc families can’t get to grocery/discount stores, shop at corner stores they can walk to, only sm packs of dprs, very overpriced.

So if they need to spend $7.50 for a pack of 10 diapers, that may be all the cash they have, and why they need to make those diapers last.

So instead of 8-12 dprs a day, a low-income baby may spend all day or longer in the same diaper. Some parents scrape/reuse dprs. #diaperfact

Babies left in soiled diapers for long periods of time are at risk for serious health and safety issues. #diaperimpact

Uncomfortable babies cry & don’t sleep well, adding stress to an already-stressed household — recipe for abuse. #diaperimpact

Parents must leave disposable diapers w/their child at daycare; if they can’t afford diapers, they can’t go to work or school. #diaperimpact

Nonprofits & state agencies working with individuals and families in crisis list diapers as one of their TOP and ongoing needs. #diaperfact

Diapers & adult briefs are not paid for or provided by WIC, Food Stamps or Medicare. They are a huge hole in the “safety net”. #diaperfact

The Detroit Area Diaper Bank was launched in April 2009 to make a difference with diapers in Metro #Detroit.

Metro #Detroit had a Diaper Bank before Diaper Banks were cool. #diaperfact #diaperbank #aheadofthecurve

The “safety net” may have forgotten diapers, but we remembered. Please support your community Diaper Bank! #detroit


Seniors on fixed incomes have difficulty affording incontinence supplies. Many are already choosing between food, meds, rent. #diaperfact

If they can’t afford diapers, they may become homebound for fear of having an “accident” while they’re out. #diaperfact

Losing independence/becoming homebound can lead to isolation & depression, also add pressure to services like Meals on Wheels. #diaperimpact

Family caring for an incontinent senior faces added stressors, costs, frustrations – can lead to elder abuse. #diaperimpact

Incontinence is one of the leading reasons older adults end up in nursing homes. #diaperimpact

Seniors deserve to maintain their dignity and independence, but adult briefs & incontinence supplies are cripplingly expensive. #diaperfact

The #Detroit Area Diaper Bank works to get diapers to agencies working w/ seniors in need, protecting their health, independence & dignity.

The Detroit Area Diaper Bank, making a difference with diapers in Metro #Detroit. #diaperfact #diaperimpact


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The Detroit Area Diaper Bank was a 501c3 charity that provided diapers to nonprofit organizations in Southeast Michigan from 2009-2014. No federal assistance programs pay for or provide diapers, not WIC, Food Stamps or Medicare. Diapers are a huge hole in the "safety net" for our youngest and oldest neighbors in need. Please continue to donate and make a difference with diapers in Metro Detroit!







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