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Today the Diaper Bank is 2!

April 12, 2011
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Today is our 2-year Anniversary!

Since launching on April 12, 2009, the Detroit Area Diaper Bank has distributed 434,527 diapers and incontinence supplies for our neediest neighbors through partner nonprofit and state agencies.

We could not have done this without all of our donors and supporters, so we want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone who has embraced our community Diaper Bank and helped us grow so quickly. Together, we really are making a difference with diapers in Metro Detroit!

We have so many donors to thank, I’m afraid of leaving someone out — so let me just say THANK YOU to all of the individual donors, those that donated money as well as those who donated diapers – every single donation makes a HUGE difference for us, so THANK YOU for supporting the Detroit Area Diaper Bank! Also THANK YOU to everyone who ran and/or participated in a diaper drive or fundraiser or recognized the Diaper Bank with a grant or award. And thanks to the local businesses and community organizations that are supporting us and helping us grow in Southeast Michigan. We’re so grateful to have so many people taking an interest in and believing in our mission. We’re also extremely thankful to our Board of Directors and great volunteers like Bruce Will.

Please be sure to visit our website to find out what’s new and happening with the Diaper Bank!

As you start to plan next year’s activities for your community organization, club, school, office, or place of worship, please be sure to keep the Diaper Bank in mind as your benefitting charity! We would truly appreciate the support.

And it’s never too early to start thinking about and planning for our next big Fall Diaper Drive, too — from August 1st through Thanksgiving, we’ll need to have as many diaper drives and fundraisers happen as possible to meet what will undoubtedly be a challenging goal. We’ve not only met, but exceeded, the last two years’ goals, so we may just need to aim even higher this year!


Other ways you can help:

Make a donation! Only have a few dollars to spare? Every single dollar helps, so to make it easy, you can Set it and Forget it!

Run a Diaper Drive!Click through GoodSearch and GoodShop to make your online searches and dollars do double-duty – or download our custom toolbar and make it a seamless part of your online environment!

Donate diapers! Have extra diapers that have been outgrown or aren’t needed any more? We accept open packages as well as new packages – someone will be SO grateful to get your leftovers! Please see our list of diaper dropoff locations (and we’ll come pick up if none are convenient to you!).

If you’re a Kroger shopper in Michigan or Ohio, register your Kroger card through Community Rewards and select DADB as the charity you support, we’ll benefit from your everyday shopping! 

We can’t forget the adults

April 5, 2011
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A donor sent a $100 donation and asked that it specifically be used to purchase supplies for seniors. It was perfect timing because one of the Area Agencies on Aging I work with had contacted me just a few days prior to tell me they were running low and needed diapers.

As in the case of children’s diapers, Large and X-Large-size adult diapers tend to go the quickest and are not donated as often as the smaller sizes. And like children’s diapers, there are less per package as the sizes go up. Our partner said they get asked for Large and XL the most, so that is what I went out to purchase with this wonderful donation.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over the sticker-shock of adult-size diapers. We hear a lot about how expensive children’s-size diapers and pull-ups are, but adult-size diaper costs are just insane. Especially when you do the per-diaper cost of the Large and XLarge sizes.

I spent $129.91 and came home with 204 diapers. If you do the math, that’s an average of 64 cents PER diaper. When I break down the separate packages, the per diaper costs ranged from 53 cents to 86 cents. And keep in mind that I can purchase tax-exempt, so my dollars stretch just a little bit further, someone buying the same # of diapers would have paid $137.70, so their average cost would have been more like 68 cents per diaper.

This is a crushing expense for someone who may be living only on Social Security. We need to remember our seniors and adults that require incontinence products for any reason, be it health or disability. Making sure people have what they need to take care of their basic health and hygiene supports their independence, and perhaps more importantly, provides and retains their dignity. Aren’t those things we all want in our future?

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The Detroit Area Diaper Bank was a 501c3 charity that provided diapers to nonprofit organizations in Southeast Michigan from 2009-2014. No federal assistance programs pay for or provide diapers, not WIC, Food Stamps or Medicare. Diapers are a huge hole in the "safety net" for our youngest and oldest neighbors in need. Please continue to donate and make a difference with diapers in Metro Detroit!







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