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Detroit Area Diaper Bank new video and radio PSAs | July 2, 2011

The Detroit Area Diaper Bank was extremely fortunate to be one of the four nonprofits chosen by East Lansing-based P.R. and Marketing firm Publicom, Inc. to participate in their “Pro Bono Publico!” 2011 event.

The 24-hour marketing and p.r. marathon produced some great printed materials for us and an amazing radio Public Service Announcement AND a great video PSA.

We’re so grateful to everyone at Publicom and especially the team that worked on our project.

To listen to the radio PSA, click here.

To watch the video PSA, click here.

THANK YOU Publicom!!

Pro Bono Publico 2011


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The Detroit Area Diaper Bank was a 501c3 charity that provided diapers to nonprofit organizations in Southeast Michigan from 2009-2014. No federal assistance programs pay for or provide diapers, not WIC, Food Stamps or Medicare. Diapers are a huge hole in the "safety net" for our youngest and oldest neighbors in need. Please continue to donate and make a difference with diapers in Metro Detroit!







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