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Awesome diaper donation takes us on a trip in the way-back machine! | February 4, 2011

We’ve received a lot of great donations so I hate to qualify one donation as “greater” than any other, but really, I love this donation.

The other day, our great volunteer Bruce Will brought the diapers he picked up from a donation bin in Oakland County, and included in that load were two COMPLETELY SEALED, ORIGINAL early 70s (from best guess and comparable boxes found on the internet) boxes of Johnson’s disposable diapers. Johnson’s introduced the disposable diaper to America and first added tape tabs in place of pins or external tape. Johnson’s stopped producing diapers under their name in the States in 1981. (in trying to find out more about these boxes, I found all kinds of sources of history on disposable diapers and ended up learning even more than I ever thought I could know about our friend the diaper).

But take a look at these great vintage boxes of diapers, and they’re in such great shape!
Johnson's Disposable Diapers
One of the side views (you’ll note it shows the 3 options of diapers you could buy: Newborn, Daytime, Overnight):
Side of box shows 3 options, Newborn, Daytime & Overnight

This is the other side of the box, giving directions how to use the diaper — the block on the upper right reads: “Prefolded pleats and snug-fit tapes make perfect diapering easy. Complete with wet-proof backing — no plastic pants needed.”:
Other side of Johnson's diaper box

The back of the box points out the features of the diaper, also stresses “Do not flush in toilet”:
Back of the Johnson's diaper box
I love this line, printed on every side of the box: “A new wonder fabric in a new modern diaper”:A New Wonder Fabric in a New Modern DiaperAnd did you catch that stamp on the box? That’s a price stamp – that’s right, $1.97.

The other box has this price tag on it, $1.99.
Price tag on 2nd box

If the person who donated these happens to read this, I just want to say THANK YOU – I really, really value these donations. Because of their age, they’re really not suitable to pass on for use, but I promise to take good care of them. I’m thinking I’ll make them kind of “mascots” for the Diaper Bank. Maybe even start collecting other memorabilia (I found a LOT on the internet when I was researching — who knew??)  — hey, some day, perhaps we’ll open a disposable diaper museum alongside the Diaper Bank. They really are an interesting piece of history – they give us a sense of where we started on the journey of disposable diapers and an appreciation of how far we’ve come.

Thanks again to the donor, I think these are really special and I’m happy to have them — I promise to find a place of honor to keep and display them!


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