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Valuable resource RE-distribution – another benefit of a Community Diaper Bank | September 16, 2010

I made a trip to this nursing home again this week and remembered I’d written this note on Facebook after my very first trip up there. I’m so pleased they contact the Diaper Bank now as soon as they have diapers donated and know we can get them out to people in need. In fact, the diapers I picked up from them at the beginning of the week have already been distributed to one of our partners working with seniors. I thought it was worth re-posting the original note here:

Valuable Resource RE-distribution — redux

by The Detroit Area Diaper Bank, Inc. on Saturday, April 3, 2010 at 12:39am

I’ve mentioned previously an additional benefit a Community Diaper Bank can provide – REdistributing valuable resources like diapers and incontinence supplies that might otherwise go unused or to waste. But today it came right back around to center stage with me again so I had to re-post about it.

A wonderful woman named Joelle who works in a nursing home emailed me a week or so ago. She’d heard my interview on the Craig Fahle show (thank you again, WDET!) and was excited to learn about the Diaper Bank.

They’d recently received a large donation of adult diapers and supplies, but their company’s regulations don’t allow them to accept or use those donations. So Joelle contacted me and I happily drove up to retrieve them.

But while I was there, she told me something that compelled me to come back and share this again — a woman from corporate was in the office, saw the full donation bags and told the staff they couldn’t have them there and they had to ‘get rid of them.’ She literally told them to go out back and THROW THEM IN THE DUMPSTER.

Realizing the absurdity of that idea, Joelle refused, and said she’d put them in her car until I got there if she had to.

When I got home, I opened the bags to find mostly COMPLETELY SEALED, BRAND-NEW packages of diapers and bed pads. There were a few open packages, but even those contained either sealed personal pads inside or were like-new packages missing only a diaper or two. The idea that these perfectly good, valuable and much-needed resources would have just been tossed into a dumpster like garbage is appalling.

Unfortunately, I know it happens a lot. And it’s why education and awareness that this area now has a Diaper Bank is crucial. I’ll be pushing ‘awareness mailing’ closer to the top of my ‘to do’ list and I ask that if you know anyone in any kind of health or caretaking facility that may receive donations, that you just let them know that the Diaper Bank exists. Some facilities can use donations they receive, many can’t. Either way, the more people and institutions we get familiar with us, the more resources we can save and put to their proper use. Please help us spread the word! And if you know of a facility we should be talking with immediately, please send their information to me at

Thank you for all of your support!


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